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- Add Pyramid chapter
- Total 92 levels in 7 chapters
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Diamond Quest is an Adventurous Gameplay in which you have to explore different areas to find the Treasure. In this game, there are a variety of different places that you have to visit and you will have to deal with multiple traps and hurdles in each location. There will be bombs, traps and many deadly creatures that will try to kill you. You have to avoid all these things and reach your goal. This game contains multiple levels.

In some levels, you might have to explore the Dungeons in the castle and there will be some freezing caves that you have to explore in some other levels. You can also have access to the mystic tools that will help you to overcome all the hurdles in your way and will also help you to unlock new levels.

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Diamond Quest is an adventurous game in which you will get to explore different parts of the Jungle in order to search for the Treasure. This game contains multiple levels and you will have to explore different locations in these levels. You might have to explore the Dungeons and you can also find Treasure in the freezing Caves. During your journey, you will have to face a lot of traps and hurdles in your way that you have to overcome.

Features of Diamond Quest APK

Adventurous Gameplay

Diamond quest is a game in which you can get to explore different locations in search of the Treasure. There will be multiple traps in your way that you have to avoid. It provides simple controls that will help you move your character in different directions.

Explore different Castles

There are different castles that you have to explore in this game, especially the Bavaria castle. You have to look for treasure in these Castles.

Thrilling dungeon levels

Apart from the castle, you will also be able to explore the Dungeon in several levels of this game. There will be a lot of traps waiting for you in these Dungeons.

Multiple traps to avoid

There are multiple traps in each level that you have to avoid. You can jump over the obstacles to protect yourself, but if you get caught in the traps then you will have to start the game all over again.

Collect helpful tools

There are a lot of mystic tools in this game that you can collect. They will help you to overcome all the obstacles. For example, you can get the mystic hammer to break the walls.

Fight with Bosses

This game also contains the boss fights, you have to defeat these bosses in order to get the gold. You can make use of the fighting abilities to defeat these bosses and proceed in this game.

Collect Treasure

In this game, you will be able to collect treasure , it will help you to get special abilities and you can use gold to increase the strength of your character and to upgrade it as well. You can also get mystic tools from the Treasure.

Save your progress

You can simply connect this app with your Facebook account or your Google account to save your progress. In this way, you will start from the checkpoint from where you have left.

Unlocked Levels

There are multiple levels in this game but not all of them are available to you. To unlock all the levels, you can get the pro version of Diamond Quest.

Free tools

In the pro version of diamond Quest, you will be able to get free mystic tools that will help you during the game.

Why do people like Diamond Quest Pro APK?

People like Diamond Quest Pro APK because in this version they will have access to all the different levels without any restrictions. They will also get free mystic tools that will help them to overcome the traps and the obstacles in their way.

Download Diamond Quest Pro APK Latest Version 2023

If you download the pro version of Diamond Quest then you will get free Helping items. But for this purpose, you have to buy the pro version of diamond Quest by paying money.

Diamond Quest APK 2023 Download

Diamond Quest APK 2023 contains all the new levels and locations of this game

Final Verdict

Diamond Quest is one of the most famous arcade games. In the previous decades, people used to play it on their PC but now it is available in the Android version. It contains a lot of thrilling levels that you can play. But in order to get unlocked levels, you can download the pro version of this game.


Q. What does the mystic hammer do in Diamond Quest?

The mystic hammer will help you to break the walls of the traps.

Q. Can I play Diamond Quest without an internet connection?

Yes, you can play Diamond Quest without an internet connection.


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