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Mod Jenny for Minecraft Pocket Edition is made to diversify your gaming experience by romantic mod with cute girlfriends. You can give gifts, interact and speak with her so install this addon and share it with friends!
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Jenny Mod is a cool addition to Minecraft that lets players have a virtual girlfriend in the game. It’s become really popular because it’s a new and fun way to play. With this mod, you can talk to Jenny, have her do things, and go on adventures with her.

When you download and install Jenny Mod, you can use all the features and talk to Jenny in Creative mode. You can change how Jenny looks and acts to make her fit your style. You can also do things like go on virtual dates and explore Minecraft together.

The mod lets you have interesting conversations and do different things with Jenny. You can choose what you want to say to her and how you want to interact with her.

Minecraft players often find the Jenny Mod, which offers many ways to change the game. It adds new things like blocks and tools, and lets players customize their characters with different clothes and accessories. The mod also brings in new creatures and challenges.

To use the Jenny Mod, you can download it from APK Miracle and add the files to your Minecraft folder. Then you can start using the new features.

Jenny Mod Introduction

Meet Jenny, a character created by Slippery Tum, a developer at Minecraft Group. She’s your virtual girlfriend in the game. You can take her on dates and give her jewelry like diamonds, gold, and emeralds. You can interact with Jenny in many ways as you play the game. She has a dynamic personality and interesting storylines that make the game more exciting.

Your choices affect your relationship with Jenny, and you can have unique adventures together. Having Jenny with you makes the game more fun, whether you’re exploring new places or going on quests. You can also show affection by giving her gifts, which adds a personal touch to the game.

A new Minecraft mod that adds a girlfriend character to the game has become very popular. The mod allows players to have romantic relationships and adult interactions in the game.

Some players like the idea of adding more depth to their gameplay, while others worry that it’s not suitable for a game that kids and teens play. The mod has sparked a lot of discussion in the Minecraft community about what’s okay in the game.

The mod is made for Creative mode. It lets players build and create freely. Parents should know that their kids might install this mod without understanding its impact. In Creative mode, kids might see things that aren’t right for them. This could be risky and show them things they shouldn’t see.

Parents need to watch what mods their kids use and talk to them about any risks. Creative mode lets players do a lot, so parents should keep an eye on what their kids do online and what they see. They should also talk to their kids about using mods responsibly.


  • Jenny can change the chances of things happening in her favor when she drinks a lucky potion.
  • She can also breathe underwater and move quickly like an Enderman.
  • Jenny can heal herself fast and get strong again after being hurt. Her healing skills not only help her recover from injuries but also make her strong enough to handle tough situations. When things get really bad, Jenny can use her abilities to make things better and overcome challenges with determination.

In the latest Minecraft PE update, developers added two new eggs that summon a character named Jenny. Each egg shows Jenny in different clothes, giving players a choice. This lets players interact with Jenny in different ways.

There’s no limit to how many Jennys players can summon, so they can have multiple Jennys at once. This adds variety to the game and makes gameplay more engaging. The new eggs have made Minecraft PE more exciting, offering players diverse interactions and activities.

To see the menu, players should talk to Jenny, a character in the game. When they go near her, a new screen will show up with different choices. For example, one choice might be for Steve to talk to a girl, and she might respond by flirting or laughing.

After the talk, the girl might show off her dancing to impress the hero. The developers focused on making the girl’s reactions very realistic and attentive. When she feels embarrassed, her cheeks will turn red. This detail aims to make players feel more involved and make talking to characters more interesting and memorable.

Jenny can heal quickly from combat injuries and has special physical abilities that let her use body parts like her hips and buttocks in battles. Adding Jenny to your world will make the experience more interesting and fun for everyone. Fans of the character will be excited to discover all the different things she can do.

How to Download, Install, and Use Jenny Mod Minecraft

The Popular Mod for Minecraft adds new features and gameplay. Many players want to know how to download and install it. Here’s a guide to help you. First, make sure you have the latest Minecraft version. Then, go to the mod creator’s website or a trusted modding community.

Find the Popular Mod page and download the files. Make sure they work with your Minecraft version. After downloading, go to the mods subfolder in your Minecraft installation folder. Put the mod files in this folder without any extra folders. Finally, start Minecraft and enjoy the Popular Mod.

Step 1: Install Minecraft Forge

To use mods in Minecraft, you need to install Minecraft Forge first. It’s a tool that helps you add and manage mods in the game.

To install it, go to the official Minecraft Forge website at
Choose your Minecraft version from the menu and click the Installer button to download the Forge installer.
Once it’s downloaded, double-click the file to run the installation wizard and follow the prompts to finish the setup.
After that, you can start installing and using mods in your Minecraft game.

Just remember, you have to have Minecraft Forge installed before you can download any mods.

Step 2: Download the Jenny Mod

Click the button below to download Jenny Mod quickly and easily.

Step 3: Install the Jenny Mod

After you download the Jenny Mod, you can install it on your computer. To do follow below steps to complete installation smoothly.

Open CurseForge app.

Open CurseForge app

Select Minecraft on the dashboard.
Then, go to the Minecraft menu and choose My Modpacks to load it.

My Modpacks

Click Create Custom Profile to make a new profile.

Jenny Mod

You can find this on the top right of the menu.
You can change the name of this new profile as you like.

jenny profile

Choose Minecraft and Forge versions 1.12.2.

jenny version

Right-click the new profile and drag the menu by clicking on the three dots.

jenny profile

Click on Open Folder, and go to the mods folder.

open folder

Move both Jenny mod files to this folder.
Return to the CurseForge interface and check under Installed Mods for the Jenny mod.

jenny mod files

To start Minecraft, click the Play button.
Choose your new profile and make sureForge-14 is loaded.
Then, press the Play button again to load the game with the Jenny mod.


First, you need to join the creative world to meet Jenny.
Go to her house and enjoy the new mod.

Additional Notes

  • Make sure you have the right version of Minecraft Forge for your Minecraft version.
  • If you have the wrong version, the mod might not work. Download mods from trusted sources to avoid security risks.
  • Check if the Jenny Mod works with your other mods before installing it.
  • If you have issues with the mod, try removing and reinstalling it.
  • Always back up your Minecraft files before installing mods or making changes.


Is the Jenny Mod safe to use?

Yes, the mod is safe if you download it from trusted sources. Be careful and only pick reliable sources for getting mods for your game. Before installing the mod, scan the file for viruses to make sure it doesn’t have any harmful malware. This will protect your system from potential threats and let you use the mod without worrying about security.

Can I use the Jenny Mod in multiplayer mode?

Yes! This game can be played alone or with others. If you like a challenge by yourself, you can play in single-player mode. If you like playing with others, you can join multiplayer mode to fight opponents or do missions together. This game has something for everyone, with different ways to play like competitive matches and working together on quests. Whether you want to play alone or with friends, this game has options for everyone to enjoy.

Does the Jenny Mod work with all versions of Minecraft?

Only with Minecraft versions 1.16.x and 1.17.x.

Can I use other mods with this Mod?

Yes, you can use.

Is the Jenny Mod free to download and use?

Yes, you can download free from APK Miracle. You can also download other APK like OGWhatsapp from our website.


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How to install Jenny Mod Minecraft APK for Android – Download APK?

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2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.