TM WhatsApp APK Download v8.61 (Anti-Ban) – Official

TM WhatsApp APK is a changed version of WhatsApp. It has extra features and options for customization. This version gives users more control over their privacy settings.
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TM WhatsApp Mod APK has more privacy options and customization choices than the original app. TM WhatsApp has a user-friendly design and makes messaging easy. It gives you more control over who sees your online status and read receipts. You can also customize the app’s appearance and themes.

TM WhatsApp lets you share larger files and has other improvements for a better messaging experience. That’s why many users are switching to TM WhatsApp.

TM WhatsApp APK Introduction

TM WhatsApp APK is a changed version of WhatsApp. It has extra features and options for customization. This version gives users more control over their privacy settings. It lets them decide who can see their online status, last seen time, and profile picture.

TMWhatsApp also has different themes and font styles to make the app look unique. It allows for easier sharing of photos, videos, and documents. Messages cannot be deleted without permission, thanks to its anti-revoke feature. Users can also schedule messages to be sent later.

TM WhatsApp Download Latest Version

From APK miracle you can download TM whatsapp apk securely, quickly and easily. All you have to do is press or click on below button and your downloading will start. After downloading install this apk on your device and start using whatsapp with unique features.

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TM WhatsApp Install Guidelines

After downloading you can easily install this apk on your device within few seconds. All you have to do is follow below steps and enjoy using this latest version.

TMWhatsApp Update

You should keep updated your app to enjoy all features without any interruption. Normally, TM whatsapp send app notification to all its users so they can update their mod apk to use it smoothly. If you don’t get any notification you have to update your app manually by downloading latest version from our website.

How To Connect TMWhatsApp New Version With Personal Computer

Follow below steps to connect your TMwhatsapp with your PC and enjoy messaging without any trouble.

  1. You have to install android emulator like Noxplayer, Bluestacks or LDPlayer to run apk smoothly
  2. Install TMwhatsapp APK file and install it on emulator you downloaded in first step.
  3. After installation , login your account there.
  4. Visit official Whatsapp website and install Whatsapp web on your PC.
  5. Go to TM whatsapp on your mobile device and on right side you will three dots, tap those three dots and click “Whatsapp Web” from the menu.
  6. Now scan QR code on your PC using your mobile’s camera.
  7. Once done, you will be able to use TM whatsapp in your personal computer.

TMWhatsApp Latest Version Features

Below I will discuss all latest version features one by one and how to get most of them to enjoy every feature to its maximum.

1 Hour Status

This app has a new feature that makes status updates last for one hour instead of 30 seconds. This is impressive because it gives users more freedom to express themselves. Only TMWA users can see the longer status updates, while others can only see 30-second videos. The longer duration allows for more creative and meaningful communication within the TMWA community.

Users can share more detailed stories and experiences, making the overall user experience better. This change could have a big impact on how people interact on the platform. It might also attract new users who want to share longer videos. This feature makes the app stand out from its competitors and could bring in more users.

1 Hour Status

Custom Avatar

With this feature, users can create unique avatars with different hairstyles, facial features, outfits, and accessories. The customization options offer a wide range of choices to reflect individual personalities and styles. Users can choose different skin tones, eye colors, and facial expressions to accurately represent themselves in avatar form.

This feature makes messaging more personal and fun. It also promotes inclusivity and diversity by offering many options for all users. The custom avatars can be used as profile pictures in the app’s conversations and group chats, adding fun and creativity to interactions. This feature also allows users to express themselves through digital personas. With TM Whatsapp Custom Avatar, users have full control over how they appear in the app.

Custom Avatar

Background Animation

Background Animation lets users customize their chat interface with animated visuals. It adds a personal touch to chats by offering a variety of animated backgrounds. Users can choose from nature scenes, patterns, or abstract designs.

These animations make conversations more visually appealing. Users can also upload their own animations for complete control. This customization allows individuals to express their unique style. The smooth integration of background animations in TMWhatsApp improves the user experience.

Background Animation

Chat List Animation

When users open the app, they see a cool animated display of their chat list. This makes the app more modern and interesting. As users scroll through their chat list, the animation makes the transitions between conversations smooth. It also makes the app look fancier.

TMWhatsApp added this feature to make users like the app more. This animation also makes TMWhatsApp different from other messaging apps.

Chat List Animation

Account Cloning

This amazing feature allow you to use 5 different accounts in same device without any hazard. No need to buy different devices for multiple whatsapp accounts but you must have to agree terms & conditions.

After creating multiple accounts you can click on shows accounts to get list of all added accounts and select which account you want to use this time. You can switch to any added account any time with just few clicks in 1 device.

Account Cloning

Launcher Icon

TM launcher icon is a bright and attention-grabbing image that acts as the entrance to the popular messaging app. It combines the TM logo with the familiar green and white colors, making it easy to spot on users’ home screens. Users can quickly find and open TMWhatsApp among their apps.

The sleek design and chosen colors make it stand out, engaging users and promoting the brand. The simple yet striking visuals ensure that the icon looks good even when it’s small, like in app folders or crowded home screens.

Launcher Icon


TMWhatsApp prioritizes your privacy and is dedicated to keeping your personal data secure. End-to-end encryption ensures that your messages, calls, photos, and videos are protected from unauthorized access. TM don’t keep your messages on our servers, and only you and the intended recipient can access them. Your phone number and contacts are kept private and not shared with third parties.

It also provide fingerprint or face recognition locks to further secure your account. Also, regularly update privacy policies to comply with the latest data protection regulations and ensure a safe user experience. You can trust that TMWhatsApp values your privacy and works hard to protect it at every level of our platform.


TM WhatsApp Security

To set up the app lock for TMWhatsApp, open the app and go to settings. Tap on Privacy and Security, then select TMWhatsApp Lock. Here, you can set a passcode or use your device’s fingerprint scanner to unlock the app. If you choose a passcode, pick a combination that’s easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess.

The app lock adds extra security to your TMWhatsApp account, making sure only authorized users can see your messages and media. This is helpful if you share your device and want to protect your privacy.

Once the lock is on, every time you open TMWhatsApp, you’ll need to enter your passcode or scan your fingerprint to get in. This extra security gives peace of mind, knowing unauthorized people can’t see or change your stuff.

TM WhatsApp Security

ViewPager Animation

ViewPager Animation is a feature in the messaging app that lets users switch between chat conversations with a cool animation. When you swipe left or right on the chat screen, the ViewPager Animation smoothly brings in the next chat window, making it easy to use.

This animation makes the app more engaging and elegant, and it helps users move through their chats smoothly. It also ensures that switching between conversations feels effortless and natural. The animation has been praised for working well even with lots of chat windows, showing that it’s well-optimized for a good user experience.

ViewPager Animation


With this feature, you can make automatic responses to common messages, so you don’t have to reply manually. This lets you focus on more important tasks. By setting up your answers in advance, TM WhatsApp simplifies your messaging experience by handling repetitive responses for you. This means you don’t have to keep checking your phone and typing the same message over and over.

The automation feature makes things more efficient by letting you set up specific replies to common questions. This helps you respond faster and gives you more time for other work. Don’t miss important messages or waste time on routine responses. Use TM WhatsApp’s automated response feature to make communication easier.

Blue Ticks

It’s helpful for making sure important messages are received. Some people find it intrusive and want to turn it off to avoid feeling pressured. TMWhatsApp lets you turn off read receipts in the app settings. This gives you control over how your messages are seen. Turning off this feature lets you take your time to respond without feeling rushed.

Disabling read receipts can be helpful in professional settings where quick responses aren’t always possible. It helps you manage your communication preferences and boundaries. Overall, the option to disable Blue Ticks in TMWhatsApp reflects the app’s commitment to user control.


TM WhatsApp is a changed version of the messaging app WhatsApp. It has special features not found in the original app, like custom themes, better privacy settings, and extra security choices. Users can also see who blocked them.

For people who want more ways to personalize their app, TM WhatsApp is a good option. But, it’s important to think about the risks of using changed apps, like possible problems with data and privacy. So, it’s best to be careful and know the risks before using these apps.


What is TM WhatsApp, and how is it different from regular WhatsApp?

TM WhatsApp is a different version of WhatsApp with extra features. It has better privacy settings, like hiding when you’re online and read receipts. You can also change how it looks with different themes and fonts. TM WhatsApp lets you share bigger files than regular WhatsApp. It also has a feature that lets you see messages that were deleted by the sender.

How can I download and install TM WhatsApp on my device?

To get TM WhatsApp on your device, first find a safe source for the app. Download the TM WhatsApp file from the trusted source. If needed, enable installation from third-party sources in your device’s settings. After the file downloads, find it in your device’s storage and start the installation.
Follow the on-screen prompts and permissions requests to finish. Then, open TM WhatsApp and go through the setup, which usually involves verifying your phone number. After that, you can use TM WhatsApp with its extra features.


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How to install TM WhatsApp APK Download v8.61 (Anti-Ban) – Official APK?

1. Tap the downloaded TM WhatsApp APK Download v8.61 (Anti-Ban) – Official APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.